PEARLA , established by Hessa and Fatma Ali Aljoker, is an extravagant Dubai based fashion brand, that creates conceptual ready-to-wear garments.  there are pieces that are wearable in everyday life, made out of the finest fabrics, to assure carelessness when worn and there are pieces that are designed to capture the attention of the crowd, because of how abstract and exceptional they’re.
The main concept behind PEARLA brand is to introduce abstract and contemporary pieces that merge art, storytelling and a wide imagination with fashion. We like to think that each piece we created withholds a story, that the woman who chooses to wear a garment from pearla, feels like the protagonist of a never-ending fairytale. We try to create pieces that are so memorable and uncommon in the fashion industry. We also make sure that the garments we create out of the ordinary that, they would end up creating the theatrical crowd head-turning impact.